We are here on this earth to leave it in a far better place than we found it.

Our goal is to engineer innovative environmental solutions to the “mess” humans have created in the name of progress.

Our innovations will act as a catalyst to

  • Fuel our fellow humans to achieve peace of mind
  • Bring healing to our abused environments

Inspire the next generation (of stewards of the earth) to care

  • Retard Weed Growth (Without use of Carcinogenic Weedicides)
  • Minimise Watering during Sarsh “Trini” Dry Season.
  • Keep Soil and Soots Sooler
  • Improve Soil Aeration / Structure / Drainage and Fertility over time.
  • Inhibit certain Plant Disease
  • Reduce Likelihood of Stem Damage from “Weed Whacker”
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